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Multiple woodland textures folders?

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Recently I moded the woodland textures file with the German signs mod (Excellent).  I noticed that it replaced the existing file folder,  this was after I didn't back up the original.  I received an original file from the great folks here so I have it on my desktop with the German Signs mod still installed.  My question is:  Can I add to the original woodland file folder instead of replacing images in it?  It would be sweet to have the capability to have both folders available.

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You're not supposed to put anything into the original woodland folder.


That's what the mods folder is for: Documents/eSim Games/Steel Beasts/mods/

It replicates the folder structure for textures and sounds, and gives preference to files it finds there. There you can overwrite, add, and delete files to your heart's content.

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13 hours ago, DarkAngel said:

think it has to be in the base map folder not the delta folder.

Yes I saw this. This yould be great to not have it for base maps only, to have really map specific textures



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