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Content Wish List / Support thread item: 0.50" M2 HB vehicle sight - 4.167

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I'm unsure as to the right place to file this ...


Currently the 0.50" M2 HB defaults to the "peep" sight view on a vehicle if you use the CWS sight view:




I don't think I've ever used this on a vehicle and indeed it would probably not stay up in normal day to day usage.


Certainly I can press "R" and get the more usual "Iron" / "Blade" sight:




If this is a case of "we need one mechanic across both the mounted and dismounted weapon" (for coding efficiency, etc.) then can I request a Content Wish List item?


If it's meant to default to the iron sight and doesn't, then can I request a Support item?


Happy for this thread to be moved to the relevant location.


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