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Hotas Warthog and controller use

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Hello, was curious as to who here uses a joystick controller to play such as a warthog and does it work well. I am used to the mouse and keyboard but was wondering if I should use my warthog for a different type of experience, the only problem I can forsee is popping head out of turret and then having to let go of controls to use the mouse and look around.


This brings me to a 2nd question, does this sim support track ir, this would be ideal for controller use I would Imagine. So curious as to who uses one and if it is in any way a better experience, not that the mouse and keyboard I am simply curious, thanks all.

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I don't think that we have "true" TrackIR support, only "mouse mode"/simple view pan, possibly alternating between view heights positions. For 6DOF movement options you can't use models that have a lot of hidden surfaces culled like we do. We'd need to redevelop all 3D interiors. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

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