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3 minutes ago, Joamos said:

After successful load and execution of program have  lignova64/dll not found


Is it supposed to be there? That is are you getting an error message saying "lignova64.dll not found"?


My copy runs fine and I don't think I have that file on my PC.


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7 minutes ago, Joamos said:

I thought I was upgrading to the newest maybe I made a mistake I had 3.0 and bought  the latest what should I do?  

Well I think you should re-read my post (for some reason the 2nd search didn't find it, but a third did - hence why I uploaded a copy), so I re-wrote it - sorry for any confusion caused.


If you've upgraded to 4.167 (that would have required you to spend money so it should be easy to work out) you have the latest.


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2 minutes ago, Joamos said:

I may have made some errors  I purchased 3.0 for 125  and then a 40 upgrade online and now another upgrade online for 30   whar version am I getting

This is rapidly spiralling.


I have no idea what you purchased - I don't work for eSim, nor do I have visibility of your order, etc.


After your "After successful load and execution of program" what version is displayed in the top right hand corner??


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If you download the file that I attached to an earlier post and put in the required location (again referred to earlier) does the software run without error?


Once it is running does it say 4.167 in the top right hand corner?


If the answer to both is "yes" then you should be fine.


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First, thanks so much!

I installed that file you sent and no longer get the error.

Unfortunately, now it's telling me that it's missing the "spinkit64dll" file.

Any chance you have that one too?  Thinking ahead, I'm wondering how many of these are missing from my Release folder...

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I think rather than a potentially "do you have this?", "do you have that?" sequence ....


Perhaps the cleaner path (given that something went wrong with your installation to be missing at least these two files) is to:


1. Uninstall whichever version you have and assuming you upgraded to 4.1 (I have no idea and can't tell - only you know what you bought).


2. Install 4.167 from scratch using the full installer from here: https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607


Scroll down on the page until you see the part ....


SB Pro PE 4.167 Installer

Download each part below, and once all downloads are complete, double click the part 1 exe to start the install process.  Please ensure you have uninstalled previous versions of SB Pro PE first.


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You should NEVER try to fix an error message about a missing DLL by simply copying it into the program folder. Just consider all file operations in the program folder as TABOO. Sure, it might work but it's bad practice for a number of reasons. The proper way to handle such cases is to check if the icon you just clicked points to the right executable in the right location, and if it does, to take the error message as a hint that the installation is corrupt.  Solution: Uninstall, reinstall.


Why is it bad practice?

  • Typically, after putting the first DLL into place, another error message pops up about another missing file
    Corollary: If you "reinstall" your installation file by file until there are no more error messages, that doesn't necessarily mean that you fixed the installations. Maybe we just ran out of error messages. You could still get funky application behavior, and thus trigger a nightmarish support case.
  • DLLs are about as powerful as program files.
    Would you accept "TotallyInnocent.exe" from an unknown source on your computer?
    (Hint: The correct answer is: No!)
    Not saying that Mark isn't to be trusted or had malicious intentions, but you could also ask Google for the file and find it "somewhere on the internet" and you just don't know who made it and for what purpose - both as far as declared intent goes, and undeclared. Don't invite vampires into your home!
  • Like program files, DLLs have versions. Just because two DLLs have the same name does not guarantee that they are of the same version. Different versions mean different functionality mean, possibly, funky application behavior with the resulting Support Case From Hell. (That's not just an unpleasant experience for me, but for you too)
  • Files that you drop manually into the program folder do not get uninstalled. Which may cause further trouble down the road, months later.
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