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help with update

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I'm afraid I can't help you with the Software Development Kit issue (I suspect that relates to non SB software).


Yes you do need to upgrade to 4.1x (4.167 is the current version).


There are numerous threads on this already but basically go here: https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1530


and select Upgrade License from version 4.0


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1 hour ago, derflinger58 said:

Im running version 4.023 and have code stick ; Can I update free to another version?  Also I have an error that shows I need directX SDK for faster rendering (how do I handle this?)

As mentioned, upgrading to version 4.1 isn't free, but possible for as little as $30.-


The error message is most commonly seen with outdated drivers. I recommend upgrading the graphics card driver. This is no guarantee that it'll solve the issue, but at least it offers a decent chance.

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If it is that stupid "invalid domain" error...

a. It's known

b. we can't do anything about it

c. at least, as far as we can tell, it's not security relevant

d. it'll go away after a while

e. I totally hate it.

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Impossible to say without knowing what these maps were. If custom maps from someone else: You may need to convert them, or contact the original author. If they were maps coming with previous installations of Steel Beasts: No action necessary,"most likely".

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