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4K fix for Steel Beastst (kind of)


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I've read some threads from people having problems playing Steel Beasts with a 4K monitor. Especially with the invisible mousecursor. I found out, that this problem correlate with the windows resolution. You can reduce the windows resolution (eg. to 2K), start SB and change the resolution back after SB is closed.
This could be unfunctional so I wrote a small Batch script to automate this.


You can download this skript at https://forum.steelbeasts.org/downloads/file/81-steel-beasts-pro-pe-4k-ultra-hd-workaround/?l=2 (no registration required). I have also added an english description.

This "fix" does the following:

- Checks if Steel Beasts is installed at all and where via a registry query

- Switch the resolution of the primary monitor to 2560x1440 pixel (WQHD)

- Start Steel Beasts

- After Steel Beasts is closed, switch the resolution of the primary monitor to 3840x2160 pixel (UHD) and closes itself


As you can see, it is not really a fix which adresses all problems of Steel Beasts in 4K but it could be a handy workaround for the mousecursor problem.

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Have you tried with windows scaling set to 100 and then just full screen in windows it works for me in 3840 x1080 no problems at all

My experiance is that most others i have helped or advised is that it works as soon as you set scaling to 100


Best regards


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I personaly don't have a 4K or ultra wide monitor, so I don't have that problem. I just wanted to provide a (not the) solution. There are serval ways to avoid the adressed or other problems. Feel free to use what ever fits your needs. 🙂

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Another option is to create a second user account with a permanently reduced desktop size, to run all the other games (and Steel Beasts) that don't behave well with 4K resolutions. The invisible mouse cursor certainly is the most annoying problem, but 4K and 100% font scaling also makes menus and briefings in SB Pro unnecessarily hard to read.

The annoying habit of Windows is that if you resize the desktop resolution (or go fullscreen with a non-native resolution) it resizes the desktop of all active user accounts on the same machine. Which will mess up your desktop icons, if you group and place them in locations that are then outside of the lower resolution. Also, the window sizes of applications still running on the main user account will be force-shrunk. So, in order to use the other user account you need to log off from the main user account, not just lock it.

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2 hours ago, Ssnake said:

Which will mess up your desktop icons, if you group and place them in locations that are then outside of the lower resolution. 

That's true, but in the tests i made with the script solution the origin places of the icons will be restored when the origin resolution is restored.

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For changing screen resolutions and screen order I use Actual Windows Manager.




It is 50$ but to me it is well worth it.


I have 5 screens that I handle with AWM and use multiple profiles with different screen sizes and resolutions and different primary screen choices and different screen placements.

I am very grateful for AWM as it have saved me from a lot of hassles changing between different games and software.

My only gripe is that on occasion the Icons order is messed up and the AWM option to restore a saved Icons order fails.

It seems that the order is saved based on screen resolutions and not per profile.

I have posted a “per profile save” Feature request on the developers forum.


I only use the same account on my PC, so I don’t have any experience with multiple usser accounts and AWM.


A new PC have put my WIP Multiple views with SB Pro PE on a single PC” tut on temporary hold, but I will soon be ready to continue. It will also be about using AWM.

Happy Simming

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