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I have every Combat Mission (version 2 now) made. Been playing them for 20 years now, they're excellent. I have three games going against human opponents right now, my most interesting is a WW2 battalion sized fight for the streets of Achen, modeled in incredible detail from real maps. 


 There is a ton of things going on under the hood that make infantry behave realistically, and armor ballistic vs. armor calculations that rival steel beast.


The modern version, Shock Force, has the drawback that most map sizes are too small for modern tank combat. 

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I have it and enjoy it from time to time. That said from the start I thought it would have been a good idea to maybe do a Syrian Civil War expansion to include some of the stuff that is being used today in the war. I know that the game takes place in a fictional time line in the past, but for me it is too obvious to include that modern day conflict.

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