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How to make a proper brew!!

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The first time I tried milk in a hot cup of tea I was sold. Mind you: I grew up in the southern U.S. There is only one type of tea in the South. Sweet iced tea.


EDIT: A wedge of lemon stuck on the rim of the glass is optional, but is almost always served that way in restaurants.

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The main gun is totally obsolete and it's slow as hell, but it makes a great cuppa tea!  LOL


And I'm glad he did it the right way and brewed the tea before adding all the extras...  I see people try to do it all at once and I cringe...How will you get a good extraction with water already loaded up with gunk?


I'm usually a coffee drinker myself but I will admit that a good British style cup of tea is a pleasant change once in a while!

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