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@Captain Colossus 3 tone textures


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it is within the range of base green that you will find depending on the light source, the time of day, meterological conditions, amount of dirt or water stains or weathering effects. there is no such thing in this universe as a tone of color that exists in a vacuum  (in fact we know from physics that color doesn't exist "out there" at all- like sound

does not exist in space, it is the brain's interpretation of what it estimates is "out there" based on signals received from the optic nerve. depending on the wavelength of light, say time of day or other atmospheric conditions, the same tone of green will look different to the observer, none are "correct").


the stock paint scheme in steel beasts isn't even 'correct' in the sense that it doesn't match up to reference photos. compare the two images below: both the green and tan contain different values. i chose areas of the reference photo that are approximately most similar,

appear to have the least amount of dirt or dust or changes in light reflection or what have you.


using a one point sample, the bullseye on the turret is  818375, in steel beasts this approximate same location is 3932c29. the tan color in the reference photo is e8e2d6, while in steel beasts it is 817b66. in both the steel beasts model and the reference photo, these values can differ wildly depending

on the part of the tank and the amount of sun reflection or dirt, but within general parameters for these tones.


then the next photos show obviously completely different tones- again based on the factors i mention above, and some of which have different paint applied (either at the factory or at the unit level perhaps.






T-80U Steel Beasts.jpg

T-80U reference.jpg

2nd reference.jpg

3rd reference.jpg

4th reference.jpg

5th refernce.jpg

6th reference.jpg

7th reference.jpg

8th reference.jpg

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i suppose i could do more, but it would take time and it wasn't my original intention to match all the vehicles.

however, as you see in the first screenshot, the stock color schemes already do not match the standard colors, either.


not to be pedantic, but even if i wanted to make the same color scheme, it will likely only be approximately the same- similar, but

something might seem a little off.


if you try to use extract color tool, you can choose a single pixel or a larger sample, but it never quite turns out the same, since

color is subjective and depends on many factors to give you the impression of specific color. if you look at the second screenshot,

every one of these marked circles will give a different hue of green, some lighter than others, some closer to each other than others,

but none are exactly the same as each one is exposed to the light source differently, each one has different dirt or weathering or what have you.

across a large sample, you get an average of all the colors, a smaller sample shows you how different even nearby pixels are from one another,

some much so it's like comparing black with white









T-80U-001 reference copy.jpg

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