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Back in the fight!

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Hello folks... 😊
With the exceptional email assistance of Gibsonm and Ssnake I have returned to the fold. 🤙
Unfortunately, back in 2013 I had to quit SB due to health and personal issues.  For those I never met, I’m a retired vet, 72 years young and survived a triple bypass and Covaid-19, amongst other things.  Having been an old Sherman tanker, I wanted to get back into SB but besides the health problems, my SB computer crashed and I lost everything including my SB program.
Gibsonm and Ssnake worked me through the process of downloading and installing SB4 and now I'm up and running again, working my way through the tutorials.
Within the next few weeks I hope to get competent enough again to be able to join some online scenarios, and be at least good enough not to embarrass myself. 🙄
My training cycle would be a lot shorter if I could find an M4A2E8 Sherman in the vehicle listing to bring to the fight. 😆
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10 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

Good to see you "3 ways fit" again.


Just let me know if there's anything else you need.


Happy to run some one on one sessions if you think they'd be useful?


That would be great partner!  😁


Give me some time to get back up to speed with the controls and process, then I'll send you a message.


My Hamichi SB training server (32 users) is still running and I notice you're still on their as "Gibson Server", so we can test that out as well.


Thanks again for your help. 🤙





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