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Tank/ APC combo.


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What do you guys think, 

Is it a good idea for a heavy armour platform to carry its own infantry.

As good as modern APC/IFV.s are they do not have the armour protection of a tank.

I can see advantages and disadvantages to the concept.








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9 hours ago, RENEGADE-623 said:

I think it would depend on the mission.  Would be good for urban warfare I would think.   They could dismount the infantry before getting in the  buildup areas  and use the infantry  to clear the buildup areas before moving the tanks in.

 I came to a similar conclusion.

Such a AFV would only have limited operational range due to the limited space for ammo and supplies Etc .

To purposely design such a vehicle it would require a very long hull 

I think the Russian /Israeli concept of using Tank hulls to build very heavily armoured hulls is a better concept




Russian BMO-T specialized heavy armored personnel carrier (2).jpg


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