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Speedy Weasel


Company Size


2 Platoons á 3 IFV's MARDER + CO (+ 1 Platoon as reserve)

1 Platoon á 4 Tanks LEOPARD 1A5


1x ARV + 1 Medic M113


Quick Infos:

We are in the area eastern of MUNSTER and the russians invaded to germany very fast.

Our Bataillons are not fully ready yet. Our mixed company is attacking infront our following Btn.

Our company leader used 1 IFV Platoon as recon forward. Now we have to continue the attack to the first OBJECT (ZZ) and the take observing postition northern of the final Btn Object, which will be taken by our Btn. We will take position at the eastern part of this OBJ. (BP 3)

Our Btn will only attack (along THOR), when we are in observing position (PL 4).


It can happen, that we get following orders when we have taken our Btn Object.


No time limit yet. Average time for this scenario are 120- 150min


Please Note: You have to take your time in this scenario. Don't rush! You have no clue where RED is and in what strength!

You are not allowed to use artillery on build-up areas! We have only 2 mortar sections. The main artillery is only for the attacking Btn!



SS_12_15_25.thumb.jpg.6c92f946df7585181105bd0790fab735.jpg(ZZ) First ObjectSS_12_16_09.thumb.jpg.198e78a681c6d3ae09d1e00c957b8698.jpg(OBJ) Final Btn Object. Left part will be our position





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here the translated orders. The entire Situation report takes a lil longer.


2) Orders:
        2./913    "BUZZARD"
            - take positions at PL 2 nearby WULFSODE
            - by order, you'll attack as leading company along "THOR"
            - after taken the OBJ 2, you take BP 2


        3./913    "CONDOR"
            - pass the position of CHARLIE-Platoon and attack the OBJ 1.
            - Take and keep OBJ 1.
            - When the 2nd & 4th Company arrived PL 2, you move forward to PL 4 to overwatch the northern part of the OBJ 2
                - if there are already enemy units, destroy them. As long your company gets the full attention by RED.
            - When the 2nd & 4th Company attacks and invades into the western part of the OBJ 2, you will start your attack to the eastern part of the OBJ 2.  
            - Take BP 3 and secure to the east


        4./913    "EAGLE"
            - take position on PL 2 nearby WETTENBOSTEL
            - by order, you will attack behind 2nd Company along "THOR"
            - attack the OBJ 2 together with the 3rd & 4th Company
            - take BP 4 in the middle of OBJ2 and secure to the south


        5./913    "VULTURE"
            - take firing positions nearby PL 2

3) Execution:
        by CO 3./913    "CONDOR"


4) Support:
    a) Artillery:
        2 Platoons á 3 Tubes Mortar (5./913)
        (HE & Smoke)
        2 Tornados (8x air-support)
    b) Supply:
        Company is full rearmed.
        1 ARV & 1 Medic
        If the Btn arrives the PL2, you will get 1 SupplyTrp
    c) Attachments:
        + Tank Plt Leopard 1A5
        - IFV Plt CHARLIE (AI - currently used as recon)
    d) Available:
        + IFV Plt CHARLIE , if you have higher losses than 50% ( Trigger "+50 losses")
        + 1 MedEvac (Bell UH-1D SAR)    "ANGEL" (Trigger)


5) Call signs:
    Kdr 913    -    HARPY
    1./913    -    SPARROWHAWK
    2./913    -    BUZZARD
    3./913    -    CONDOR
    4./913    -    EAGLE
    5./913    -    VULTURE
    2./914    -    PHALANX

    MedEvac    -    "ANGEL"

    -    !!! DON'T ORGET TO USE THE "TRIGGER" !!!
    -    Mortars can firing till 7700m at max!
    -    Each of your IFV Platoons is carrying 2 MILAN-Trps

7) Time Limit: NONE
        Mission ends if..:
            OBJ 2 is taken,
    or        if the following orders are accomplished
    or        Trigger "MISSION END" is used
    or        if the 3rd Company is no more able to continue the attack to the OBJ 2 or can't keep BP 3


    Battle time: min. 100 minutes

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I won't change this scenario now to make it like to an H2H! I keep it scripted. And it's already hard enough and it's like never the same situation. Probably similar- yes, but not still exactly same.


I've put way too much work & time into this scenario with all the script. To scip now all the paths from RED and BLUE for having just like an "H2H", is not worthy; not after all this work and time.

H2H's are super easy to write. You just put the vehicles on the map, gives everyone the orders what to do and thats it. Every dude can doing it.

I prefer real scripting scenarios with the AI, even though i know the problems the AI can have. But i don't care. 


The scenario "Force of Steel" with the M60s, is already such a scenario in same area. So, that's why i don't want copy the same situation again.

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ah ok. i got it.

For your TGIF we can make it, sure. I'm already thinking about to make it with already 3 IFV MARDER platoons and 1 Tank Platoon. So, the 3rd Marder Platoon was as reserve before. Then we'd have 3 more vehicles. Means: we have tanks for 14 players. 10 for the IFVs and 4 for the Tanks. + 1 for ARV & Medic ( if needed)


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All EVENTS and radio messaged are translated as well.

Also some words on the map.


Only the situation report is still in german. But i don't know if you need it as well.


As I wrote before, we have only 2 IFV platoons and 1 Tank platoon. The 3rd IFV platoon is AI, but it  can be used by using a trigger ("+50% loses") to get it as playable 4th platoon in our company.








1x ARV + 1x Medic

SS_19_36_20.jpgWe can start in the north west...

SS_20_00_06.thumb.jpg.b991dd3f935f48d899e5d394a6b321e1.jpg.. or in the north east




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