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British C/S and TO&E and Number plates

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Okey can some of you brits explain and give a overview of how Sqn callsigns works?

ZeroAlpha: OC

ZeroBravo: who?

ZeroCharlie: 2nd In command if I havent goten it wrong?

11-13: 1st platoon

21-23: 2nd Platoon

31-33: 3rd platoon

and why is the REME No 24 and ARRV 24B ? doenst that make them belong to 2nd platoon?

next is the numberplates... they are like 11AA22, what does it stands for? in sweden a plate Number is 122001 where 12 stand for 120cm gun, 2 for 2nd version (strv122) and last 3 is vehicle ID starting on 001. how does 11AA22 work? I thought it was something similar but all Challengers ive seen so far have different numbers and letters...?

a nice overview wouldnt be wrong to sort out my question


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Okay, here we go, pen and paper ready?

RHQ tank is 11B

(well for RSDG, Carabiners and Greys, Murray walkers old regt)

Command c/s are right,

Zero Bravo is Squadron leaders tank

Troop leaders are X 0

Troop Sgt is X 1

Troop Corp is X 2

Troop Attach is X 3 (this is used for extra tanks in unusual circumstances)

X is troop No, 1 2 3 etc, Though this can skip numbers in different regiments

Squadron (Coy) designations are:

A troop = triangle

B troop = square

C troop = circle

D troop = rectangle, dunno which way round it goes

66KK82 is VRN (Veh Reg No, of 11B)

66 is year number (or what passes for year number)

KK Is vehicle classification, this changes semi frequently

82 is individual vehicle number

On a tank's front the VRN is placed in the centre of the lower plate

on the rear its placed top right of rear hull.

They've changed the reg pattern now to two letters two numbers two letters DS35AA, dunno how this works though

CRARRV C squadron RSDG C/S 24C reg is 46KJ89

(this is an attached veh from the REME, so prob adopts RSDG C/S scheme)

I'm not sure how CRARRV C/S work as theres a 2nd battalion REME ARV which uses C/S 33B

another reg for skinning:

66KK80 C/S 11 B squadron RSDG

hope this helps

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As Paladin says: "jessuss chrriiiiist" :eek2:

well the platoon callsigns was logic atleast, thank you for that!

1.why on earth is RHQ (Regimental HeadQuarter right?) 11B? (11B is the 2nd tank in first platoon!) and does it have any ring or square around it or so?

2. and isnt ZB the commanding officer? (right now I see 2 OCs, ZA and ZB??)

And about 24C and 33B, the B and C seems to mean something special? (like the swedish RL2,RL3, RL4 are parts of the HQ platoon and RL31 is part of RL3)

And still, what is the logic with having 24C and 33B who looks like platoon callsigns? would be more logic if they had just "1A,1B" in Sqn marking (box, square whatever)

this is confusing :heu:


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I'm just a civvie, just looked up the C/S in an Ospery book,

I have a feeling some RHQs are just 9

I think different Regments Have Different methods of C/S the vehicles.

As to Engineer and command tanks its the Bravo, Charlie etc

That sets them out from Platoon Tanks

Oh yeah Warriors have KG letters

So a Typical Warrior's reg would be 66KGXX

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