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10th Oct - Speedy Weasel - made by Gladiator

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"Speedy Weasel" for saturday the 10th of October

Time: 7PM (GMT+1) (8PM german time)

Teamspeak: KANIUM TS

Server: Hosted by Assassin7 


Company strength


MAP: Germany-Munster2020

Download here: https://forum.steelbeasts.org/downloads/file/80-munster/



Quick situation report:

RED: Russian forces crossed the border to germany very quick. A russian Mec.Inf.Div (BMP2 & T72) is on the way in west-north-western direction. Some units in company strength already arrived the eastern part of MUNSTER.


BLUE: The Tank-Brig. 91 was in the area of MUNSTER for an exercise as the russians crossed the border to germany. The brigade had to cancel this running exercise and had to change their ammunition for a real combat. Some bataillons are still not fully rearmed yet.

The PzGrenBtl 913 is in the north-eastern part of MUNSTER and is already on the way to the south with the order to stop the attack from the few russians forces to MUNSTER.

the 3rd company of this Btn will be the first in this area and got the order, to the village HOLTHUSEN I and take positions northern of the OBJ 2, where there russians forces are estimed. The rest of the PzGrenBtl 913 will attack from the eastern flank to OBJ 2 along "THOR".

One Tank company of the PzBtl 914, will arrive this area in over 1 hour and will support this attack in coorperation with the PzGrenBtl 913.


2) Orders:
        2./913    "BUZZARD"
            - take positions at PL 2 nearby WULFSODE
            - by order, you'll attack as leading company along "THOR"
            - after taken the OBJ 2, you take BP 2


        3./913    "CONDOR"
            - pass the position of CHARLIE-Platoon and attack the OBJ 1.
            - Take and keep OBJ 1.
            - When the 2nd & 4th Company arrived PL 2, you move forward to PL 4 to overwatch the northern part of the OBJ 2
                - if there are already enemy units, destroy them. As long your company gets the full attention by RED.
            - When the 2nd & 4th Company attacks and invades into the western part of the OBJ 2, you will start your attack to the eastern part of the OBJ 2.  
            - Take BP 3 and secure to the east


        4./913    "EAGLE"
            - take position on PL 2 nearby WETTENBOSTEL
            - by order, you will attack behind 2nd Company along "THOR"
            - attack the OBJ 2 together with the 3rd & 4th Company
            - take BP 4 in the middle of OBJ2 and secure to the south


        5./913    "VULTURE"
            - take firing positions nearby PL 2

3) Execution:
        by CO 3./913    "CONDOR"


4) Support:
    a) Artillery:
        2 Platoons à 3 Tubes Mortar (5./913)
        (HE & Smoke)
        2 Tornados (8x air-support)
    b) Supply:
        Company is full rearmed.
        1 ARV & 1 Medic
        If the Btn arrives the PL2, you will get 1 SupplyTrp
    c) Attachments:
        + Tank Plt Leopard 1A5
        - IFV Plt CHARLIE (AI - currently used as recon) -> (playable by using the trigger "+50% losses")
    d) Available:
        + IFV Plt CHARLIE , if you have higher losses than 50% ( trigger "+50% losses")
        + 1 MedEvac Helicopter (AI) (Bell UH-1D)    "ANGEL" (trigger "MedEvac")


5) Call signs:
    BtnCommander 913 -   HARPY
    1./913                       -    SPARROWHAWK
    2./913                       -    BUZZARD
    3./913                      -    CONDOR
    4./913                       -    EAGLE
    5./913                       -    VULTURE
    2./914                       -    PHALANX

    MedEvac                   -    ANGEL

    -    Mortars can firing till 7700m at max!
    -    Each of your IFV Platoons is carrying 2 MILAN-Trps

7) Duration: NONE (open end)
        Mission ends if..:
            OBJ 2 is taken,
    or        if the following orders are accomplished
    or        Trigger "MISSION END" is used
    or        if the 3rd Company is no more strong enough to continue the attack to the OBJ 2 or can't keep BP 3


   (average duration: 100-140 minutes)





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Manning List:


CO 3./913 "CONDOR" - MARDER 1A3         Mirzayev



ALFA - MARDER 1A3 (+MILAN-Trp)         dlad

ALFA 1 - MARDER 1A3                       ...not sure yet           KTM-Team332

ALFA 2 (sec ldr) - MARDER 1A3 (+MILAN-Trp)      Gladiator(911)



BRAVO - MARDER 1A3 (+MILAN-Trp)         sjr162       

BRAVO 1 - MARDER 1A3                                   O.Schmidt

BRAVO 2 (sec ldr) - MARDER 1A3 (+MILAN-Trp)    TSe419E


CHARLIE-Plt: (reserve)



CHARLIE 2 (sec ldr) - MARDER 1A3 (+MILAN-Trp)




DELTA -  LEOPARD 1A5        IrishHussar

DELTA 1 -  LEOPARD 1A5      ...not sure yet        Hedgehog    (Gladiator(911) )

DELTA 2 (sec ldr) -  LEOPARD 1A5       Abraxas

DELTA 3 -  LEOPARD 1A5          Mosquito





1x Medic M113 




RED FORCES (fully scripted)

no player needed!

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9 minutes ago, Gladiator(911) said:

@Gibsonm I didnt change nothing. You still have the correct scenario.

Sorry, i'm not near the machine, but just to confirm.


The scenario I have has the English map labels?


If it has "ZZ" instead of "OBJ 1" then Mirzayev's plan file will not work, since changing it from "ZZ" to "OBJ 1" is a change.

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I just opened the scenario and it has OBJ I & OBJ II


It's unknown if enemy is already in OBJ 1. But all in all the commander of our Btn is expecting the strength of a reinforced mech inf comp in the area of OBJ 2.

Currently it's known, that the enemy forces are moving to the west-north-western direction.

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