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Joystick X56 Logitech not working anymore.


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Hey everyone.

I started playing Steel Beasts again recently. On the first day my X56 HOTAS was detected, SB wanted to use the throttle, i went to windows options and set Joystick as preferred device and it worked. 

Now it's been two days that my X56 Joystick is not recognized by the game, even though i

- Set it to prefferred device in Win10 Device options

- Launch and relaunch the game with the X56 software running or killed

- Plug or unplug the Throttle 


Every davices I saw online are not working... please help ! 

It worked once :c 



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Okay, if there is nothing shown, my conclusion is that Steel Beasts receives no signal.

I presume you have tried the Windows calibration option, to verify that it's not a hardware problem?


Was there a recent driver update?

Windows Update?


Have you tried disconnecting other game controllers (even if they aren't set as the preferred device)?

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None were to be expected. Your experiment with the throttle control shows that IF Steel Beasts receives a signal, it uses it. It's just that the joystick's signal doesn't arrive. So the problem is "between the joystick and SB Pro PE", but neither IN the joystick or IN Steel Beasts. So, either a driver issue, or Windows not handling the "preferred device" right ... for whatever reason.

We need to get rid of this "preferred device" thing, it's archaic. But again, that's something for a future Steel Beasts version, nothing that can be solved in the current one.

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Long ago I detected the same problem with my hotas. The main problem is that SB still does not detect both separate stick + throttle devices. It detects only 1 device and if your stick is on Windows as device # 2 and throttle as # 1, it must be changed in Windows. I used the JoyID to do the test and if it works without problem, you have to assign number # 1 to the stick:  https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13009
On the other hand, let's see if DEVs deign to add the possibility of being able to configure Stick and throttle separately as in any other simulator or game that we are already in the 21st century.

Best regards

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