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Scout units roll out, maybe...

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Working on a scenario project (AGAIN?!?  JUST STOP RED, YOU SUCK!).  I have six BRDM-2 units each with three variable scout paths to use.  I made certain the X variables and the values, along with the correct "IF this UNIT is RECON/21" and so on were accurate.  The problem is that one or two of these units would remain in place and not move out under orders during testing.  The other four or five recon units would roll out as ordered.  What's going on here?  Here is just a log of my work.  I have shown the conditions places on the routes for each of the six recon units as such:


Recon 31.  Embark if: This is Unit Recon 31 AND 0 <= Random Variable X1 < 40.

                  Embark if: This is Unit Recon 31 AND 40 <= Random Variable X2 <65.

                  Embark if: This is Unit Recon 31 AND 65 <= Random Variable X3 <100.


I have noticed after five test runs, three of the same units would pose a problem, but not all at once.  So, what's up with that?  

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