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Whats the cheapest this game gets on sale?

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We usually discount a price prior to the release of a new version, by the amount that an upgrade license costs, so that nobody is short changed for buying a few weeks before a new version comes out.

By "not upgrading" you can save ... but then you'd be a version behind soon. Which is less of an issue if you play single player mode only and if the new features aren't of much interest for you. But I could say with equal justification that we never sell Steel Beasts for less, for the same reasons except with the basic assumption that the new features are always worth it and that you'd want to stay current with for multiplayer sessions.


In short, I'm not a friend of leveraging psychology for inflating sales numbers. Steel Beasts may ask for an above average price, but it also offers a lot of value, and we think that they are well balanced. Needless to say, value is a highly subjective thing, so some think that $125.- is a steal while others might argue that $39.50 per year is infinitely more than a one-time $5.- game on Steam. ;)

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