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Global ORBAT and TO&E Thread


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Olvana - Heavy Combined Arms Battalion Detachment (BDET) - Action Element (Tier 2)


The idea behind this fictional template is to depict a Chinese-style modern Battalion-sized element that can be readily incorporated into scenarios to present a capable and realistic OPFOR. The Olvanan Heavy Combined Arms BDET (Tier 2) is based around a equal-parts BMP-3 and T-90 formation that has been designated as the Action Element of it's higher HQ, a Brigade Tactical Group (BTG). This element is expected to accomplish the BTG's primary task and purpose, and therefor has been task organized with additional attachments to increase its combat power to provide a perceived overmatch versus BLUFOR. Compared to a Donovian BDET, this formation lacks the overmatch in indirect fires, does not have attack aviation available, and trades the mobility of a Light Recon Platoon for an enlarged Heavy Recon Platoon. This formation is roughly based on the new Chinese-style task organization in a similar manner to an American Brigade Combat Team. The equipment within this unit template enables it to fight effectively during conditions of limited visibility. 



Combat strength: 
      20x T-90
      35x BMP-3
      9x 2S3
      6x 2S19
      9x AT-14 Teams
      3x AGM Teams
      3x Mistral Teams
      6x Scout Teams
      1x FO Team    
      32x LMG Teams
      35x Rifle Teams

      1x Headquarters consisting of:
         1x T-90 (Commander)
         2x BMP-3 (Deputy Commander)
         1x Heavy Recon Platoon consisting of:
            6x BMP-3s with 6x Scout Teams and 6x AT-14 Teams
         1x Support Platoon consisting of:
            1x Ural-4320 Supply
            1x Ural-4320 Repair
            1x BMP-1 / Medic 


      2x Mechanized Infantry Companies consisting of: 
         1x BMP-3 (Commander)
         3x Mechanized Infantry Platoons consisting of:
            3x BMP-3s with 3x Rifle Teams and 3x LMG Teams
         1x Support Platoon consisting of:
            1x Ural-4320 Supply
            1x Ural-4320 Repair


      2x Tank Company consisting of:
         1x T-90 (Commander)
         3x Tank Platoons consisting of:
            3x T-90s
         1x Support Platoon consisting of:
            1x Ural-4320 Supply
            1x Wisent ARV


      1x Weapons Company consisting of: 
         1x BMP-3 (Commander)
         1x Heavy Weapons Platoon consisting of:
            3x BMP-3s with 3x AT-14 Teams and 3x AGM Teams
         1x ADA Platoon consisting of:
            3x BMP-3 with 3x Mistral Teams and 3x Rifle Teams
         2x Mortar Platoons consisting of:
            3x 2S19s
         1x Support Platoon consisting of:
            2x Ural-4320 Supply


      1x Artillery Battery consisting of: 
        1x ACRV/MT-LBU with 1x FSO (Commander)
         3x Artillery Platoons consisting of:
            3x 2S35s
         1x Support Platoon consisting of:
            3x Ural-4320 Supply


 * Task Organization reflects a typical Olvanan Heavy Combined Arms Battalion Detachment assigned as the Action Element of the higher BTG.
 * Action Elements denote the Decisive Operation in OPFOR doctrine. This BDET is equipped to accomplish its higher HQ's task and purpose.  
 * 1x Artillery Battery is depicted "on the map." They may be replicated through using off-map artillery support. 
 * The majority of support assets are not depicted for simplicity; Support Platoons provided are for basic continuation of combat operations.
 * The Weapons Company is not intended to fight organically. Its assets will be attached to other elements as required by task and purpose.
 * This formation is designed to be able to fight effectively at night. 


Recommended callsign template:
     OPFOR Callsign Template
        * this template is included with the download of this template. 

Made by Mirzayev.



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According to a video I just watched a captured Russian manual states the a new "Assault Detachment " has been formed to replace BTG's for assaulting in Fortified positions . They consist of.


6x T-72's

12x IFV's

? x Man portable themobaric rockets ? Perhaps RPO-A Shmel ?

?x ATGM systems

12x Towed artillery and self propelled mortars


Detachment is made up of

3x assault companies and a tank section.


Each company has command element,  2x assault platoons (Less than normal platoon strength - 12-15 men). A UAV team,

an AFV group*, a fire support platoon, and an artillery support platoon.

A reserve section ??, a Medevac section

*A single Tank and 4x BMP/BMD IFV with HMG and mortars, ATGM's


Anyone have any more info ?






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