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T-72 Balkans on Fire / Iron Warriors Revisited

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FYI Only - T-72 Balkans on Fire / Iron Warriors was a good 2005-era Win XP game.  If you’ve never heard of it, or didn’t give it a chance you should give it a try.  It ain’t World of Tanks, and it ain’t Steel Beasts.  It’s somewhere in the middle, probably a bit closer to Steel Beasts.


Some players put up a new YouTube channel on T-72 if anybody’s interested.  (They added their own music for these videos - I prefer the original in-game music, but that’s just me).


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On 10/30/2020 at 4:44 PM, daskal said:

I ended up making the actual trailer for the game - kinda miss those days.



Oh yeah, I definitely do remember your videos and posts!  Good freakin’ job!!!  That video is awesome!  It looks great and I recall your settings weren’t even fully maxed out!

I am “testing” out old computers (A discarded laptop and an old desktop) with T-72.  It is taking me a while to get the hang of it.  Some of those missions are incredibly difficult and I bet that turned off a lot of people.  I’m playing it on the two different computers and comparing gameplay.  One has very poor integrated graphics, the other has a fair 2008 era graphics card.  It’s become apparent that very few computers back then could provide a playable frame rate.  I perform great on the PC with the video card and can’t hit anything using the laptop with the integrated graphics.

I just beat the “Commando”  mission where you meet up with the recon squad, kill the jeep driving arms dealer in the village, and return to the start point.  It took 1/2 a dozen times for me to remember you go straight East, dust the two T-55s when they crest the hills in the south, nail the Jeep and “arms dealer”  drive slow back, destroy the 2 T-34s on the way back, and don’t flip the tank.  

Wow - I can’t get over the old PC sims.  They’re all good.  Steel Beasts, even iM1A2 for Windows 95 - that one is next In line for a revisit because I really didn’t play it enough.


T-72 is a keeper, if nothing else, my brain is getting a workout trying to beat it, lol.

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