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Routes and control logic...

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How do I connect a route or movement orders to a condition/event/trigger in the control logic? Like for example if I'm designing a scenario and I want a unit to move from point A to point B if enemy units are detected in a certain area, or have a route that's a continuous loop as if patrolling the perimeter of an area. I understand how the control logic works but I don't see options for this. I am using v4.023. Thanks

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Assuming that you have the unit, a route connecting it to waypoint A, and a route from A to waypoint B.

Create the region X first that you want to check for enemy presence.


Now right-click route AB, and select "Embark, if..."

In the dialog, set the option to embark if Unit (this) can see (Enemy Units) in Region (X). You may want to add a "delay before checking" timer that allows the unit to observe for a while before deciding whether region X is enemy occupied or not (otherwise it'll make the decision on the reported situation, which depends on other units' observations and working radios to transmit the news.


Any route or route chain may loop back to its waypoint of origin. That should make it very easy to create a patrol circling an area.

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