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Variable OBJ choices.

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I like randomness in scenarios, a predictable scenario isn't much fun to play repeatedly.  What I want to do in my Russia-vs-Ukraine scenarios is to give the attacking Russians several attack paths to take.  In this basic scenario example, I want A Company to attack either OBJ A or OBJ B with a 50-50% in order to prevent the defenders from bunching up their forces to repel the attackers so easily.  I have learned how to do this with individual units such as a single recon unit, with the EMBARK IF "If...THIS...unit...IS...A CO" and "0 <=...random variable is X1...<...50"; I got that part.  But how to do this with entire companies/battalions eludes me.  My thought was to create a Operational Event with Triggers using A Co as Trigger 1, but not sure if this will work.  Once A Co reaches a selected objective, I want them to continue on to the final objective which is not shown here.  How is this done?  


Is it possible I'm doing too much?  


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For a few units, easy indeed.  But for much larger scenarios involving regiments, is there a quicker, more efficient way?  Here, I have given three random routes for the recon and ATGM units individually, but once I start planning for the line companies (10 in all, not including support and Regt HQ), this can really get tedious.  Or...am I just going to have to man-up and devote the time in?  I'm ok with that, as I enjoy my work.  However, I'm older and must follow the motto of "Work Smarter, Not Harder."  😎


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If you want different starting locations for your different war plans, use a "jump" condition for the first routes (leading from the unit directly to a waypoint). In principle, you can even build a jump cascade (as long as the unit has not yet spawned or no mission time has passed). Then you can copy the route chain, Shift+click select all other units, and then paste the copied route chain for coordinated behavior.

Repeat with the alternate jump route(s).

Now each waypoint that is a dead end is a possible starting location for the unit. Start working on the first plan by scripting the routes from these waypoints. Again, copy routes from lead units and paste them to waypoints of subordinate units, then adjust them to the terrain and obstacles as you see fit.


Only once that the first plan is complete, work on the next. Operate with units being in regions rather than units having reached certain waypoints. Reduces your flexibility but you'll gain in plan robustness.

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