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SB pro makes "Canadian Army Journal"


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WINGED WARRIOR is the best example of SB Pro now in use in the Canadian Forces. They (403) have a good setup and its all hard wired. I dropped in to the last one this fall and it was running smooth as always.

The future seems good also for SB Pro as the armoured school is now looking at it for gunnery and tank trg via simulation with VBS assigned to recce trg.

Did some demo's for them and made a few AAR's of a full recce sqn in the adv as well as some short demos for the various school cells.

Have a few more projects in the works and will be shipping them off soon to the school.

When I was there last drafted Brad (Ghost) in to the work party as well as Broadsides.

Hoping SB will do better this year to spread in all of the army units that use simulation for training.

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From the article:

As a result of the current limitation of an 80x80 km terrain model for “Steal Beasts,”

two separate terrain models had to be created to accommodate the exercise. So-called

“south” and “north” maps were created with considerable overlap. Coordinating the

same visual look and feel of both maps over the same terrain area became quite difficult

and will be avoided in future exercises. Beyond this limitation, there were only two

significant technical challenges to be resolved before the exercise could run. Client

machines were dropping out (crashing) of the exercise and the graphics performance

was unacceptably slow.

The maker of “Steel Beasts,” ESim games, was very responsive at helping to

resolve these issues. Over a period of 48 hours they provided three successive new

builds of the simulation, each of which progressively addressed the issues described

above. Implementation of the final build on a dedicated network with several network

services (including a firewall) disabled, resulted in “Steel Beasts” performing flawlessly

throughout the exercise period. This was despite running, from a “Steel Beasts”

perspective, a very large exercise with a very large terrain model.

Graphics performance is something that DLSE is not accustomed to worrying about.

For the most part, constructive simulations do not tax the graphics capability of modern

PCs. Of course, it became very clear very quickly that the only thing that mattered in the

simulation for this particular exercise was the graphics. A lot of tweaking was done to

get a good compromise between scene realism, graphics performance (frame rates),

and terrain size. “Steel Beasts” had acceptable performance when the terrain model was

restricted to 60x80 km, which was large enough to run individual helicopter missions.

The display was set to be 1024x768 pixels in size

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