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KANIUM Sunday 20th of December - LandJut attack on Bundesstrasse 432 by Swordsmandk

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7 hours ago, O.Schmidt said:

Unfortunately I can't say yes yet! Unfortunately I don't know yet if I have time for you!


That's fine if you get time we will find space for you as this is a long one you are welcome for even part of it.

Hope to see you.


Best regards and a merry christmas and happy new year.




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12 hours ago, Snoggy said:

You can slot me wherever i'm needed, I'd prefer a tank though.

You Got R24 in phase 1 and B21 in Phase 2


That means that every Tank PLT have at least 2 Guys the only place where we are thinly manned is the Marders (6 places available) and the TOWs (4 places available) where we could use some more guys and if people still want tanks (4 places available) there are still plenty of places we have now reached 30 SB clients and 28 TS3 clients so we can managed 7 more people max


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On 11/27/2020 at 8:19 PM, Major duck said:

Hi Abraxas and velcome

Nope its this one m125 MMT vehicle

 M113 (M125A1) Mortar Carrier (Rear view, left side)


so if you want a recon vehicle ala this

U.S. M1025 Humvee Armament Carrier Tamiya 35263

It should have been this

Mercedes 240 GD, 4 x 4, 24V, D (Front view, left side)


but they cant carry inf in Sb so we have chosen another Merc that can which have an LMG and can fit 2 dismounts so your scouts can shoot with a LMG and/Or a CG 84mm


Then its R14,R42, R44  and if you guys can drum up some more Germans then you could be completely German speaking with me moving 2 pies to one of the english speaking PLTs put i recommend that you guys get 1 to handle the scouts in the m113 and somebody as Gunners for the leos then you are up and running for the recon


..and option would be a Pinzgauer with 1MGx1man MG team and a 2 men scout team?

Or the dutch GD300...that can fit a scout team to? What do we get 🙂

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