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Death by Drone

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Anybody Else note the effectiveness and wide spread use of ATGM armed Drones and even suicide drones.

Used in the recent Azerbaijan/Armenian conflict. 

Both sides deployed AAA and Sams but they were able to penetrate.

both sides did lose some 

I can foresee waves of drones attacking armored divisions in mass



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5 hours ago, TSe419E said:

How effective will they be in a heavy EW environment?

With the current AI, a swarm of completely autonomous small drones, each carrying a single small shaped charge, would only loose effectiviness caused by EW in its mutual coordination/cooperation, that is, the datalink between each entity and only if that datalink is based on the EM spectrum (They could even use laser emissions as a datalink link). With a ratio of 3:1, I'm pretty sure that the loss of effectiviness could be circumvented by sheer quantity. Yet, 3 or more drones would still cost just a small fraction of the price of a modern AFV. China is known to be very interested in this topic right now.

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You can partially get around the AI/cooperation EW problem by simply giving each mini suicide drone a counter so the first drone attacks the first drone it finds and drone No 100 the 100th. Something like this was done with the Brimstone air launched ATGW many years ago - the missiles have an algorithm to prevent them going after the same target but do not network. 

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