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  • 3 weeks later...

I have also started SB after a very long hiatus and have started working through the Hornfelt missions. Thanks to the links above I was able to get the maps installed. After installing the maps however, I suspect that the maps refreshed in 2020 are not the same data as when the scenario was designed many years ago.


I played Mission #2 first (several times actually) and it went as expected.


When I try to play Mission #3 Attack by Fire, I am running into a problem where the scripting of the mission never proceeds past the first message that appears right after the start of the mission "Red One, what's the hold up?". The CO never announces he is set nor does he ever order the platoons to move forward to engage. I sit in my hide position as the enemy force drives right past us.


Testing this out in the mission editor, I can see that the problem lies in the fact that the CO never gets into a position where he can observe enemy units in the trigger zone, which is one of the conditions for the scenario to proceed as scripted. I've run it like 5 times with the same end result.



I have tried to edit the scenario to give the CO a path to a better position (in the photo) but he keeps going to the same spot shown above. Apparently I can't edit any paths or any of the scenario parameters, or I'm not doing it right.


Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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