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Iran-Iraq war


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based on the iran-iraq persian gulf war, nearing the end of completion of reconstructing an 8 x 8 km map map and testing, which has been a part time project over the span of three years (with the upgrade to the newer terrain engine, much of the original map detail was lost (particularly the man made structures). this setback however

afforded the opportunity to experiment further and  re-imagine the reconstituted map and finally, find a better balance between detail vs. framerates.


. the purpose was to a create a scenario where although generally opposing forces are organized and coordinated, the context of the scenario retains the character of a conflict where opposing forces were ultimately disposable fodder. units will dither when encountering energetic resistance, they may be demoralized or shift to covering fresher, healthier units when their own strength is depleted rather than all units simply push forward, obvious to losses.


the next goal as much as practical play my own scenario and still i couldn't necessarily predict the timing and movements as the scenario proceeds; even with using all of the available variables and then some, by and large this is still impossible, since i constructed the scenario and tested it- i still have a general sense of what will occur and when.

but this is somewhat mitigated by extensive use of variables and the general messy nature of the battle itself.


third,  the historical subject matter has educational value, and is fascinating from the point of view of simulating it. i'd always hoped to see more treatment of this war in western media,  entertainment or what have you.  otherwise information about it is rather sparse.


these goals were meant to to play off each other while insinuating themselves into a scenario for players who like less of the technological gizmos and the added thrill of instant death from single gun and RPG hits



















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