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Reviving a destroyed vehicle. Version 4.167

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4 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

I don't think he's talking about scripting but rather trying to rejuvenate a vehicle if its destroyed while using the Editor to test a scenario.

Yeah, i should be more clear; the only way to 'revive' destroyed units while running/testing a scenario in the mission editor is to set 'revive' conditions. Referencing a region is a very simple way of doing it. Also referencing a trigger gives you a sort of ON/OFF switch for the revive zone. I find this useful for ammunition/ lethality/ matchup testing where you want to test repeatedly without needing to exit and reload the scenario a hundred times.

Ill attach a video showing how to setup a triggered revive zone, this may or may not be relevant to the OP's particular (and unspecified) needs.




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On ‎12‎/‎14‎/‎2020 at 10:46 PM, Bond_Villian said:

I dont know what you would be 'testing' by making things invincible. There would be no observable effects of combat...

I do that when I am testing the engage distance for each vehicle that are in positions.   Instead of having to re-start the sce each time a vehicle is destroyed, I circumvent that by creating a unit that spawns outside of the engagement distance of the first vehicle.  that vehicle is used to test where I want the vehicle to be when a unit first engages it.   and I do that for  multiple vehicles at a time  to cut down my creation time.  I don't use vehicles for scenario to test  I create a sole vehicle to do just that. 

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