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Bigger map selection like in old pro versions

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Just now, Swordsmandk said:

Nope my ScaniaSE is with forrest, building and so on. Wierd. Well dont do to much then. This apparently takes more effort than it appers.


Well at least can you confirm the grids??


If they are correct, but in the wrong sequence then you I think you should be able to create in Pro PE 4.167?

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2 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

Did I mention that I really don't like this new system in terms of bloating the number of quasi duplicate files on my hard drive and creating confusion as to which map is actually which?

Wellllll... that might deserve a thread of its own. I say, if enough people are sloppy with giving nearly identical names to map packages and to keep their description out of laziness, confusion is bound to happen (and with it, duplication of data). We have provided the necessary dialog to adjust any map's meta information. It's up to users to actually fill those fields with useful information. Don't want to sound snobbish or arrogant, but seriously: If you're not sure what you're doing, maybe you should hold off doing it until you know.

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10 minutes ago, thewood said:

That sounds simplified.

Simplified in what way?

You can create Delta maps from existing base maps that hardly consume any disk space. So the argument of "bloating" doesn't really hold much water if people are disciplined with the creation of base maps. There's the possibility that a lot of maps might emerge with minor variations. That's not different from the past, except that the map data were (less efficiently) duplicated by storing them inside of scenario files. The result were scenario files of 5...30 MByte size, and they are all under 2 MBytes now, often just a few hundred K. So, disk space consumption is probably going down.

If you're concerned about the tangled mess of a gazillion map variations - that concern is valid, but it's misplaced to pin it on 4.1; SB Pro PE now merely exposes the chaos that was always there, it was just kept under wraps by embedding the variations in scenario files.

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13 minutes ago, Major duck said:

and we haven't by the way seen a single new hi res map

This is the most frustrating part-


The 4.1 system added a layer of complication to what was an extremely easy method of modifying maps- Not just for personal enjoyment, but because many of the standard maps have errors (buildings on roads, roads not connected properly, incorrect bridges, etc). 


And for what benefit? It seems like the system only added the capability, rather than actually adding a feature. 

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First of all, the higher resolution is needed for the procedural road leveling, flattening under buildings, and ramp building. Okay, Ramp building still has bugs in 4.167 so that's certainly a hold-up for map development and the practical visibility of higer resolutions. Then, the high-res terrain is required for the IED crater formation. Eventually that will be expanded to all artillery and other explosions close to the ground, but like we wrote earlier, the new terrain ENGINE is the plumbing that needs to be in place before the actual application cases can rise to prominence. The new terrain engine also gives you a visualization of the bumpiness settings in your terrain theme. It allows us to render smoothed surfaces in dep snow scenarios. The coming (free!) update 4.2 will bring you anti-tank ditches. Versions after that will introduce trenches for infantry. All these things require a much higher resolution than the old 12.5m grid.


For our military customers, the ability to import LIDAR scan terrain data is certainly a big bonus. They have the advantage of free access to all national LIDAR terrain databases. We don't.

This is about to change at least in the European Union and probably also in the US which will certainly allow us in the future to introduce high-res map data, possibly as separate map installers. Keep in mind though that the disk space requirements of true high-res maps are hideous. I believe however that the "Paderborn" map in version 4.1 is based on LIDAR scan data. Might be worth checking out.

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