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Blatant plug for a couple of Cold War Facebook Groups


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Hi guys.


A few months ago, I set up a Swiss Cold War Defence Facebook Group which does pretty much what it says on the tin. You (or at least any of you who find this arcane subject interesting) are all most welcome to join!



After my pleading with him for a couple of weeks, my friend Walter set up an excellent Austrian equivalent which is slowly taking off.



Steel Beasts gets mentions on both, of course!

Many thanks


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26 minutes ago, TSe419E said:

Will you still be restricted when you retire?

Well there's a couple of aspects to that:


a. Will I be able to say things here that I currently can't? - Yes.


b. Will I be free to say whatever I want? - Not really (so I guess still "restricted" in some form).


c. Would I be able to sign up for Facebook, etc.? - Yes, if I wanted to.


d. Would I? - Probably not. I don't need a barrage of updates about pretty trivial stuff (e.g. "FLASH- here's a picture of what I had for breakfast!", etc.)


But enough of that - I don't want to derail this.


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