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30 minutes ago, caccioro said:


hi guys mission editor how do you put reinforcements together and do like a dynamic campaign? thanks

You can add "spawn if" conditions to units, to make them show up in the game map when you want them...

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Use the lasso function to mark a whole task force before applying the spawn condition.


Use paths with a "Jump to end, if..." condition to make them appear in different locations.

Copy the Jump route and paste it to all other units to displace the entire task force in a synchronized fashion.

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Units with a Spawn, if... condition are kept in some sort of invisible limbo, until the condition is true. At that point they simply appear. That's all.


Try it out with "Spawn, if... mission time > 20 seconds" or something similarly simply. 20 seconds after you started the scenario, said units will appear as if they had been beamed from orbit by Starfleet's flagship Enterprise.

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