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Sound contact reporting in 4.167

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Does the AI recognize sound only contacts?  I did a search on the site in the manual and couldn't find it mentioned.


I tried simulating it by having a tank drive full speed back and forth behind a hill with an infantry team on the other side.  No reports on sound or dust were seen.  Maybe I just have to run it longer. 

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We implemented something in SB 1.x

We haven't actively disabled it. But whether it still works, I can't say. Basically, infantry with orders "none" will move towards sound until they establish line of sight to the source (and then report it).


Should be easy enough to try it out. Let me know if it is broken.

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Started with a T-55 running a track on one side of hill and a scout team 200m on the other side of the hill.  No contact or movement from the scouts.  Tried changing the tactics from none, to hold, to defend, to guard.  No difference.  Moved the scouts to just below the crest and still nothing.  Tried postures and facings just to make sure.


btw, I could hear the T-55 while taking over the scouts.

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Just checked vs SB 1 and indeed it has changed. In SB 1 troops can detect vehicles a short distance away, even through the ground, but in 4.1 (didn't check older versions of ProPE) they need direct line of sight.

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