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KANIUM , Mini campaign 07feb21 to 21feb21


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For the next 3 weekends, we will be figthing onther battle in the ongoing conflict between "ATROPIA",our allies, and "DANUBIA" the evil(tm) OPFOR.

The terrain for this mission my look a bit like northern germany, but is actually the ground between the 2 Capital cities of HAMBURG and HANNOVER.


So, in oder to decide the war and break atropian resistance, danubia is launching an all out attack on the industrial heartland of its neighbor.

The intent is to take HANNOVER and the town of WOLFBURG using the 3 Divisions of the Danubian nothern Army corps.




The player Force will be the Multi Natinal Brigade North-East, Stationed close to the Border near BAD FALLINBOSTEL.


The force strukture is:


For the missions will will control BN(-) or company sized elements of the Brigade.


The enemy will be strukted in Rgts, and our oponent will be the MechDiv 60




With the Rgt strukture:








OPFOR Vehicle recognition Handbook.pdf

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Mission 1 Briefing


Since 160500Zjun21 The 60. MechDIV is attacking in our sector towards Wolfsburg, 2 to Rgts in Line, 2 following.



MNBNE is delaying the enemy east to the BAB 7, with 2 MechTF on the right, 2nd Armour TF on the left. Both TF supportet by elements of the RecceTF.




MechTF has delayed succesfully in their AoR north and west of BERGEN, and stopped the enemy advance with a time limted defence at PL VULTURE.

As planned the TF is now falling back over PL DUCK to conduct PoL with 1st armourTF at PL CROW


the 2 lead BN of MechRgt (611 and 612)  have takes an estimated 40% losses, are currently regrouping and  trying to reestablish contact with our units at PL SPARROW.

MechBN 613 is following  as Reserve, and will be effective in our AoR in estimated 75 minutes.

Enemy Most likely intent is to quickly reestablish contact and breack trough our forces north of BERGEN IOT attack past PL CROW before defence preparations  of 1st Armour TF can be finished.


IOT to faint a continued defence a PL SPARROW and to cover the movement of the TF, the TF commander has decided to deploy a DLIC (detchment left in contact..or rearguard)

The DLIC is formed by pulling single platoons form the companies in their current BPs, and placing them under command of A65.

The DLIC included support elements, and all of the Taskforce attached FO's, the Mortar Platoon and the AT-Platoon

The evacuation of damaged vehicles and causualties of 2nd MechTF has hampered the quick moment to the EAST, so the DLIC will have to hold for 60 to 70 minutes....


Mission: cover the disengament and PoL of 2nd MechTF



-1. faint continued defence at PL SPARROW till at least H+30

-2. deny enemy recon past PL SPARROW till at least H+30

-3. remain in control of the terrain a PL DUCK till at least H+60

-4. deny enemy Observation into the terrain EAST of PL DUCK till at least H+60

-5. disengage with the enemy and fall back towards PL Crow once PoL is completed




- 1 battery of PzH2000 (8 guns in 2 platoons)

   240x HE

   80x SMK (MS)

   80x DPICM

   80x SMARt

- 1 plt M270 (4 Launchers), 48x DPCIM


SITUATION update: Battle positions at PL SPARROW have not been detected by the enemy yet.

Obstacles 2.1 // 2.2 and 4.6 have most likely been detected by enemy recon.


** edit: attached Sce file sans OPFOR for area/terrain-recon and planning**










SCE 1 DLIC.sce

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Manning list mission 1


A65 Assassin 7 (M1A2, CO edition)



A1(Recon plt) (VAMTAC ST5 with M2/AGL  Dismounts with UAV + JIMLR)

A11 Mirzayev

A12 Hedgehog



A13 Roerback

A14 Nike-Ajax



B1  NLD (Leopard  2A6)

B11 Irish Hussar

B12 Battle Bureaucrat

B13 Freyberg

B14 Maj. Duck /Swordsman



C1 SWE (AMV XA 360, +M153 Protector)

C11 sjr162

C12 Chrisreb

C13 Snoggy

C14 Wiglif



E1 US (M1A2)


E12 Cavgunner

E13 Connaugh

E14 Badger



F3 AT Platoon (M113+SpikeLR-mounted)

F31 Duke


F33 O. Schmidt

F34 Colebrook



F2 (4x 120mm Mortar) Grenny

F4(Ammo Truck)




A2 (2x Supply trucks)

A3(4x ARV)

A4(4x Ambulance)




Not available:



Fire Support:

2xplt PzH2000 (8 guns)

1xplt M270 (4 Launchers)



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So, during our rearguard action for 2f MechTF, we basicly knocked MechBN 613 out of the fight for the forseeable future.

MechBN 611 and 612  had some time to repair and replen, but the MechRgt 61 is now basicly down to 1 amalgated BN with a tankcompany(-)  and roughly one Mechcompany(+) as reserve.


TankRgt 64's attack got stopped south of our postion.

So the enemy intentent of breaking trough our defence quickly was stopped before reching our main defensive line.

IOT regain the initiative, the commander of 60th MechDiv decided to order a flanking move of 63. Rifle_Rgt. north of our positions to push trough the screen of our ReconTF east of Wietzendorf and seize the Town of FAßBERG including FA?BERG airbase.

With support of the heavy recon companies, the Paratroopers of the AirmechRgt have beaten back this attack, forcing them to break contact and reatreat back over the ÖRTZE to the west.


So any propect of reaching the 60 MechDiv goals of the Berachtrough to CELLE and WOLFBURG are gone...


Most likely enemy CoA now is to hold a defensive line around WIETZENDORF in the north, while try to gain defensible ground at the ÖRTZE near HERMANNSBUG and OLDENDORF by attacking against 1st ARMOUR TF wiht remainder of MechBN 611/612. IOT maintain position to continues attack once DANUBIAN Reserve Division evtl. reach the area.


Most dangerous enemy CoA is our Atropian liason , Capt. Pjotr Abramovic is actually a DANUBIAN spy and will kill us in our sleep....





MNBNE is planning to hold the Attack of 60Mech DIV by defeneding with 1st and 2nd Armour TF and 1st mechTF in Line, While conducting a counterattack against the (new) enemy left Wing at WIETZENDORF.



Mission 2a:


the Combined MechBN611/612 is attacking with 2 companies abreast towards HERMANNSBURG/OLDENDORF. No Tank contacts have been reportet yet.

The Enemy lead elements have  been halted west of PL CROW with medium losses.

Enemy has likely detected a gap in our obtsacle belt just north of  OLDENDORF

and recon indicates they currently deploying their reserve Tank-company to attack this gap.



1st Armour TF defends at HERRMANNSBURG/OLDENDORF and destroy remanents of MechBN 611/612 IOT enable Brig counterattack a WIETZENDORF.

1st armour TF had to give ground on PL CROW but successfully stopped the enemy attack with obstacles and indirect fires at PL RAVEN. D-company on the right has been able to push back enemy flank security and opened a Gap in the enemies left.


The player UNIT A-company(+) 1st armoured TF is to move from their staging area south of WEESEN towards HERMANNSBURG and attack the enemy left flank over D-companies positions IOT destroy MechBN 611/612.

If possible,  A-company(+) 1st armoured TF is to reestablish defensive positions at PL CROW.

If a opportunity to exploit and pursue arrises...take it...


Units setup as per sce file...

Fire support again 50% of the arty BN: 1 battery PzH2000 and one MRLS platoon


**** note: one reserve company and be selected form the 1st armour TF if needed....selecting ONE company will disable the triggers for the other companies****


-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mission 2b:


2 patrols from 1st reconTF are to reconnoiter terrain and enemy force disposition in perparation for 

the counterattack of the Brigade reserve (2 MechTF) towards WIETZENDORF. In accordance with the information requests by A66(A65) of 2nd MechTF



Map for Mission 2a:



map for Mission 2b:SS_22_33_06.thumb.jpg.eef64da1a5bab4d3e3c77724ede36105.jpg

Written order will follow



Manning List Mission 2a:


A66/A65 (M1A2) Assassin


A1 M1A2

A11 Cavgunner

A12 Badger

A13 Freyberg

A14 Higgs



A2 M1A2

A24 MD

A21 Irishhussar

A22 BB

A23 Connough


A3 M2A2

A31 Chrisreb

A32 O.Schmidt

A33 Snoggy

A34 Wiglif / sjr162


A7 M1A2






FO (FO90)



Manning Mission 2b:


Recon Team 1:


-VC: Mirzayev



-VC: Hedgehog



Recon Team 2:


-VC: Nike



-VC: Duke

-GnR/Operator: Grenny


Please the check the maps for planning and terrain recce . OPFOR removed

SCE 2b eyes in the dark .sce

SCE 2a mobile defence.sce

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SS_22_07_38.thumb.jpg.0284012b7b38f51d941d6fa35acb1ba4.jpgMission 3 Briefing



The succeful defence of 2nd Armour TF has neutralized the remaining forces of 61. MechRgt.

The Attacks of MechRgt 62 and Tenk Rgt 64 in the south also have been stopped.


In our AoR the 2 Remaining BNs of Rifle Rgt 63, supported by elements of the Div Recon BN(+) are trying to establish a defensive line IOT allow PoL for the beaten up MechRgts and stop any ATROPIAN counterattacks.


The Danubian offensive is not going well, causing disent at home. Intel also reports various cases of Danubian personel going AWOL or reservist not following their draft orders.  Moral is low.

One more kick may be all that is needed.


In the area of WIETZENDORF we have been able to reconoiter the defensive positions of Rifle BN 632 in details.

As the taking of this Town by DANUBIAN forces last week, was used in a major propaganda effort...losing it to our forces, might be the blow that will crack the Danubian war maschine.


The Mission for 2nd MechTF is:

Attack West IOT take the Town of WIETZENDORF and neutralize all remaining enemy forces in the area of WIETZENDORF.

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Manning list Mission 3


A66 Assassin 7 (M1A2, CO edition)



D1  DK (Leopard  2A5 DK-Mk2)

D11 Mirzayev

D12 Igel (Hedgehog)

D13 Higgs



D2  DK (Leopard  2A5 DK-Mk2)

D21 Irish Hussar

D22  BattleB

D23 Connaugh

D24 Major Duck


E1 US (M1A2)

E11 Cavgunner

E12  tankenator

E13  Badger



B2  NLD (GTK Boxer+M151)

B21 Kingtiger

B22 Sjr 162


B24 Wiglif


B3  NLD (GTK Boxer+M151)

B31 Grenny



B34 Chrisreb



F3 AT Platoon (M113+SpikeLR-mounted)

F31  Nike Ajax

F32 O.Schmidt

F33  Hub




F2 (4x 120mm Mortar)

F4(Ammo Truck)




A2 (2x Supply trucks)

A3(1x ARV)

A4(1x Ambulance)

M1 (Engineer platoon)


Reserves: (list tbd)...


PS.: Reserves is basicly  the combat units from this template that are not in the manning list at present.




2nd MechTF V02.template

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