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KANIUM , Mini campaign 07feb21 to 21feb21

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50 minutes ago, TSe419E said:


You're telling me that they can't fix a radio antenna?!!!


I think you meant E14.

Ah damn, that things was so burned, could read the units numbers anymore ;-)...changing that in the report

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19 minutes ago, Hedgehog said:

You seem to have put me in A14, when I requested A12.


If yourself and Duke want to stay as a team, I am happy to do a straight swap A14 for A12.

Mishap, adjusted. Lets see if Mirzayev can run with that on sunday...

Edited by Grenny
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@Hedgehog @Nike-Ajax @Roerbaek @D u k e @Grenny 


Information Collection Matrix and the overlay file. 


We will split into two sections and conduct an area reconnaissance in the vicinity of DOA WHITE (A SEC) and DOA BROWN (B SEC). Priority is to identify the enemy's main defensive belt and his employment of obstacles.


ICM 2B.pdfSCE 2b eyes in the dark .mrk

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11 minutes ago, sjr162 said:

grenny, still confused - do I have any slot for tonight? The manning list is still not showing me in a Wglifs gunner position or do I take it that is okay? 

You do have a slot in any case.

I'll note you down as wiglif's gunner for the moment. ...

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Well the Recon Mission was Fun




Ford (By A12)

BRDM (Pic taken from tree line just to the SE)

T90 Platoon (Pic taken from A12 Inf team as shown on map)

2S6 Under the tree (Pic taken from A12 Inf team as shown on map)




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