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When I start the driver for TrackIR, I can no longer use the F7 key! This has no function anymore !? And the TrackIR still doesn't work! I can't find anything about the TrackIR in the SB manual!

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32 minutes ago, O.Schmidt said:

I can't find anything about the TrackIR in the SB manual!


And you wont. Its a 3rd party device and the manual only covers eSims software.


Just like there is nothing in the manual about specific HOTAS controllers or joysticks or video capture software or a range of other things that a given machine might have, but that eSim has no visibility of.


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To enable TrackIR in SB, be sure to load TrackIR BEFORE loading SB, then in the controls menu in SB you'll find a head tracking drop-box that lets you select two different ways of using TrackIR (I think the difference is the view pans with the turret or stays fixed relative to the hull.)


The default TrackIR profile uses uses and traps the F7, F9, and F12 keys to toggle precision mode, pause, and recenter. You'll either need to turn off the trap checkmark in the profile in the TrackIR software so it passes the keypresses through and/or reassign those controls so they don't conflict with Steel Beasts.


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