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Multiplayer Desync with Bridging Assets


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I was testing a scenario with @Apocalypse 31 this evening and ran into the following issue. We were placing a bridge over a wadi, and on my map it showed the graphic for a placed bridge, and I could see the bridge in the 3D view. @Apocalypse 31 meanwhile had not placed the bridge (he was in control of the bridging asset) and it didn't appear on either the map or in the 3D view for him. What ended up happening is the tank that I was using went straight through the "bridge" and into the drink in a most undignified manner. 


My view when trying to cross the "bridge:" 




Apoc's view of the same vehicle:




I'm guessing this is caused by a similar issue as mines in a minefield not always being in the same spot among different clients. 

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30 minutes ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

Placed with Biber in-game. 

Ok, then this brings another questions:

-Was bridge placed by the owner of bridgelayer?

-If not, then how it was possible for non-owner deploy bridge, because that shouldn't be possible from F8 or F9 views? I cannot do that in LAN session even if bridgelayer is a part of some composite platoon.

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1 hour ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

It was. 


I (the owner of the Biber) placed it then realized that it didn't fit across the river. 


I retrieved it and moved it to a new location. 


Mirzayev didn't see the new bridge location. 

Thanks,  that is an entirely  new twist  in the story. Will try to replicate.


Was able to reproduce.

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1 hour ago, Mirzayev said:

In grade school, I was the kid who reminded the teacher about the homework assignment that they forgot to collect just as class was about to be dismissed for the day. 🙃


I feast on your tears. :) 

Did you spent many hours heads down in your locker?

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