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Steel Beasts Beginner's Guide

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Based on repeated questions concerning basic concepts within Steel Beasts, I'm going to go through a (hopefully) short mini-series that'll answer most questions that new players have and get them started on the right foot. 



First video is super basic stuff, like how to install the game (yes, it is basic, but I've seen a handful of people recently who needed some help with it), playing the tutorials, and a self-assessed "gate" to meet before moving onto playing a "real" scenario. 


Second video is going to focus on some very basic mission editor stuff (showing the new player how to add and use the vehicle they trained on in a scenario,) followed by a recommended first scenario which comes with the game itself. Obviously, I'll cover other concepts that people request that are beginner oriented. 

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Part 2A is up. This focuses on mission editor basics (mainly editing an existing scenario to put in vehicles that you want to use), using logistics assets to repair/rearm vehicles to get them back into the fight, and an introduction to using indirect fire. 



Next video will focus on playing the scenario edited in this video. 

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Part 2B - Your First Mission.


Video covers basic scripting during the planning phase, to include the use of triggers, and setting conditions using indirect fires. Also included are basic formations, tactics, and the use of waypoints in reducing your workload in-game. 



The scenario file, plan, and overlay can be downloaded below to mimic exactly what is shown in this video for users to follow along. 

Platoon Recon 2B.mrk Platoon Recon 2B.pln

Platoon Recon 2B.sce

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