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I am so very sorry to have to tell you that Dboy/Dlad sadly have passed on the 9´th of november.


Derek Hannan as his real name was, was a kind soul and always friendly and I have never once heard him raise his voice in anger.

I have know him for years and played with him more times than I can count. He will be sorely missed and not just by myself.

I hope the best for his family, and will miss him deeply.


We stand poorer in his absence.


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So sorry to hear this news.


Another gem from the UK community.


I regret not getting to know him better over the years.


I hope his family is coping, esp. in the currently challenging times in the UK. 

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The Last time we played together, Dlad was the CO, he did a good job too.

2 days later....


I place this here as a memorial:

(I never intended it to have this poinency)



Thanks to @TSe419E for recording this one.


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Sad news Indeed! Did have a chance to meet/talk with him in some MP sessions and a nice man for sure. He did tow my tank on a couple of ocasions, like a good team member would do, a gentelman in all regards. May he RIP and love and care to his family.

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Enjoyed playing with Dboy for many years. He always complimented my scenarios that we played and was appreciative of my "Battle of Largs" scenario because "it was nice to have one on the home turf".  I had planned to go on a tour to Scotland last summer and wanted to meet up with him, but the Covid pandemic cancelled that. I will miss him.


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