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Upgrading license

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After being away for some years, i like to pick up Steel Beast again.

I have a license and a Codemeter-stick.


But i dont know wich version i bought years ago and therefore i am not sure wich version 

of license i should buy ( upgrade license from  v2.5 and older for $94 / upgrade license from v2.6 or 3.0 ONLY for $64 )  for upgrading to SBproPE 4.1


I read also that there is a new version of Steel Beast coming this year.

For this new version, will it be playable with a lisence for 4.1 or do i need to upgrade it again?





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If you still have the software, start it and the version number will be displayed in the top right of the screen.


That should help with the question as to whether the license is current or not.


You can check codemeter, or look at the application's properties, but just starting it is probably the easiest option.

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SB Pro PE v.4.250 will work with 4.1 license, since this is a free update.


Regarding checking your license version number, as Gibsonm wrote above- you can check version number by starting the software. Other, and probably more reliable option(also, the only option, if you do not have  SB Pro PE installation files anymore) is to use WebAdmin; please visit this topic to read about details: 


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8 minutes ago, Pteradon said:

Thanks for the help / info.


I've downloaded V3.027 and it ran fine on my pc.

So i should be good for ordering the license upgrade from 2.6 or 3.0 Only for $64.



Please check, if 4.0 can run.  If yes, this would save you some more money.

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32 minutes ago, Mirzayev said:

Open the CodeMeter Control Center and click on File -> WebAdmin


Yes... but Steel Beasts also generates an empty CodeMeter ACT on installation, so there's no guarantee that you always end up with the WebAdmin showing the content of your CM stick. You might even have a used CmACT container from previous use of a time-based license. You may therefore need to click in the upper left area on that cardboard box icon to select "all containers", and then select the relevant one. How do you recognize it?

Cm sticks have a serial code 1-nnnnnnn, 2-nnnnnnn, or 3-nnnnnnn

Empty CmACT containers can be recognized by their serial code 32767-nnnnnnn

CmACT containers with active or expired licenses have a serial code 128-nnnnnnn

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