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Complementary license fails to activate

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I purchased a monthly license... well, a month ago. That license is expired now. Just a few days ago I took the plunge and purchased the Codemeter stick version.


I received the email with a link to activate the complimentary single month license while waiting for the CM stick. When I click on the link, the page shows there is a new license available but the window below it says "No CmContainer Found!".


This has been just in the past couple days during the v4.250 rollout, and I wonder if that has anything to do with it? I just installed v4.250 which also installed v7.20 of CM, but still no dice.


I know the CM stick is on its way but given the performance of the US Postal Service lately, it is probably on its way to me via Bangladesh first. Can this be fixed or am I SOL until the stick arrives?



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What browser are you trying to use?  The old edge won't work, but the new one should.  There should be a option to choose where to put the license, on the cm stick or cmact.  Choose the cmact, because your cm stick has not arrived yet.


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I tried Chrome, Edge, Firefox. No go. Like I said above, I see the available license but the pulldown with the option to choose where to put the license says "No Cm Container found!" 


It's like the old license is stuck in the Cm Container and can't be removed/replaced.


I did notice, however, that I can still run SB even though it says 0 days left on my license.

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