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M113 AT version ammo capacity question

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So prompted by the inclusion of the M113RCL

I have a question:


The M113 RCL, does it have specific ammo rack stowage for 106mm rounds?

(Like the M1064 has for the 120mm mortar, and the M901 ITV has for the TOW tubes)

Or did it use the "Ammo Crate piled on the floor" method ?

(I say it, I mean the RCL Crew, so they didn't have to lug it every where.)


I ask as the M113 RCL only carries 2 more rounds than the Technical RCL


And as a wider question, the various M113 ATGM carriers,

They seem to have the same carrying capacity as the M996 HMMWV, in this case 6 stored.


I would have thought the M113 with it's larger internal volume would able to carry more tubes

Not more than 10 though, as that is what the M901 can carry, and I am assuming that as a purpose designed varient it has a specially designed TOW tube rack for stowed rounds.

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Our M113 with 106's only had limited ammunition capacity as they were scratch built.


However you can't fill the internal volume with ammunition as the crew needs to stand up inside and have freedom move as they traverse the gun, etc. so I'd suspect the storage would be limited to the sponsons on either side.

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Regarding the fact that the M113 has less ammo than the Technical, yes, this is by design.


Each ammo crate carries 2 rounds. The ammo crates in the M113 are located to the right side of the hull, below the gun, they aren't strewn willy nilly all over the inside. So, given that area, there can be only so many RCL rounds present.


The Technical on the other hand does have them strewn willy nilly all over the place, and therefore can hold more ammo. On the other hand, it is more likely to explode too.

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