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Re-installing 4.250 (as directed) results in nothing being installed.

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I had installed 4.250 and it was working fine.


Then I read this:


Based on this, I deleted my successfully installed / upgraded copy and started over.


I initially ran the Installer v2 and it appeared to be using the pre-existing "SteelBeastsSetup.exe", "SteelBeastsSetup-1.bin" and "SteelBeastsSetup-2.bin" (nothing new was downloaded).


I guess if you ran the first Installer and kept the files you actually need to delete those to force it to re-download the files including these "micro patch" changes?


Working on that premise, I binned the previous copies of "SteelBeastsSetup.exe", "SteelBeastsSetup-1.bin" and "SteelBeastsSetup-2.bin" and ran "SBProPEBundleInstaller_4250v2.exe"


It does its checking and then promptly tells me that 4.250 is already installed and stops.


It doesn't download new copies of "SteelBeastsSetup.exe", "SteelBeastsSetup-1.bin" and "SteelBeastsSetup-2.bin" or anything.


Refer screenshot:




Do I need to go back and do it "old school" and download fresh copies of parts 1 to 7 (assuming they have been changed too?


Looks like no TGIF today after all.


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OK got it to actually do something.


1. Downloaded the seven component parts again (on the assumption that this is the "newer" version than yesterday's).


2. Installed that.


3. Then uninstalled that - via Windows Settings, same as previously.


4. Then downloaded the "SBProPEBundleInstaller_4250v2.exe"


5. Ran that.


6. Seemed to finally recognise the 4.250 was no longer there and happily downloaded and re-installed it.


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I think something like this happened to me too.  I did un-instal Steelbeast to try to bundle installer and everything seemed to work alright, but it had not installed Steelbeast.  Then.. I tried second time.. and then it did it.  

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