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Landmines as IEDs ?

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Are the AT mines (The Big Dinner plate ones) in the IED "list" ?

If so what are they called/listed as?


If not, could they be added?

Individual command detonated AT mines, could be uh, interesting/explody.

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a. No

b. No; they are not (yet) ammunitions, but hardcoded; that's why. One day, sure. But it's not a priority right now.


c. Suggested workaround:


Configure an IED of [1 x 9M22/M21-OF]; with 6.4kg HE filler and 18kg in total it is probably the closest match for a classic anti-tank blast mine. Next best alternatives:

- [1 x 9M521], 7.3kg HE, 21kg in total

- [1 x 9M522], 8.8kg HE, 25kg in total


Other configurations worth a consideration if you don't like the recipes above are - typically yielding a smaller blast but possibly more fragments - are:

- [2 x OF-11], 5.2kg HE, 27kg in total

- [2 x M57], 6kg HE, 27kg in total

- [2 x OF-27 (or OF-19)], 6.2kg HE, 36kg in total

- [1 x OF-540], 6.2kg HE, 43kg in total

- [1 x M107], 6.6kg HE, 42kg in total- [1 x OF-45], 7.7kg HE, 43kg in total

- [1 x 3OF-83], 8.2kg HE, 39kg in total


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