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AI not reporting discovered tank ditches

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When friendly AI units encounter/discover a minefield, it is reported by being marked on the map.
However, while doing some testing and experimenting for this thread ...

... I found that the new tank ditch obstacles are not being so marked. Feature or bug? 


Also, dragon teeth and steel beams are reported/marked by AI. Abatis are not (and have not been since before 4.2 -- maybe ever). Feature or bug?  Discuss. 

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Ah yes, not so much a bug or a feature, just not ideal. 


The problem was, we didn't want an entire AT ditch (which can be quite long) reported because a unit bumped into it, and we currently have no way to report 'segments' of an AT ditch at the moment. But yes, you are correct - it definitely needs improvement (along with a few other things with AT ditches).

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What about abatis? These are (in SB, anyway) typically used to only block a roadway. They can't be breached but must be maneuvered around. Handy information to have reported by the AI scout.  

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