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"Looking for sessions..." Can't join session.

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I tried to join Multiplayer.


Network Session -> Act as: Client, Entered host's global IP address correctly -> Go

"Select Session": only shows "Looking for sessions..."


We are in all discord server and confirmed any other members could join the session so it is not a host port forwarding problem.

I also set Windows Firewall to allow "F:\SB Pro PE\Release\SBProPE64cm.exe" to use both public and private network.

I only use Windows Defender and no other anti virus software.

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2 hours ago, chihirobelmo said:

Thank you everyone.

I found that my SB version was older one. 

Confirmed I can join the session now.


The person who was hosting should see you name but flashing (and from memory a note about "incompatible version") in this instance.


Just in case it happens again.

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