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CV90 (30/35) series turret stop button is still bugged and has new additional effect


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CV9030, and 35 series that have turret stop button, buttons pictured below



Turns out that when you intend to use these buttons it is hightly advisable NOT TO MOVE THE VEHICLE WHEN TURRET STOP IS ACTIVE!  


These cause some really funny behaviors with restriction zones of where you can move gun.  In past I have witnessed that on CV9035 when moving turret to reloading position, and lifting gun up, especially, if you drive forward from to deeper slope, you will find out that you cannot depress gun as much as you used to.


And now as nevest addition, if you turn vehicle. It will mess up how far you can turn turret when troop hatches are open. Most often limiting turret rotation to left to about 2 o'clock


Turret rotation bug happens on cv9030 FIN  and Cv9035 DK as far as im aware.

-  This can be re-produced by opening troop hatches, locking turret, and turning vehicle some.  Also if this happens, it is just plausible to undo it on your own by pressing turret stop button and turning vehicle on small increments to discover area where your vehicle will be somewhat operational again. 




Gun evelation trouble happens on cv9035s when gun is near 90 degree, if it has just passed over treshold to limited depression area and button is pressed and hull is turned even slightly.  - It is possible to undo with relative easy by slight movement of hull when turret stop button is pressed.   (this bug doesn't seem to bother cv9040s or cv9030 fin)




note - videos are unlisted

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