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4.250, Framerate drop?


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12 hours ago, Ssnake said:

It seems like the observed FR drop occurs primarilx in specific scenes, and possibly with specific graphics card models and drivers.

I'm glad that it's working for you, though. 

Thanks... yes, really happy with my complex and convoluted Apple Mac configuration.  Two computers and operating systems in one box.  Saved me a lot of money so I could enjoy playing SB again.


Happy test any update on it it you want. 👍


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The most significant change was how Steel Beasts renders scenes with a lot of "overdraw", that is, lots and lots of polygon objects mostly occluded by other polygon objects. Like deep forests. Big cities.

The downside is that the new method is a teeny-weeny bit less performant in empty scenes (think of 49fps rather than 49.8fps). The upside is 10...15 frames more inside of forests.

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