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Guard Detachment


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@El_Chacho Hey boss, I wanted to reply to your statements regarding the "end if" condition for the mission. 



As for the "END IF" condition, in the file description you will notice that you have to kill the infantry too. That's intentional. There are also dismounts in the battlefield, that's the beauty of Steel Beasts. I appreciate your scenario edit, but I look beyond burning hulls when I simulate wars. In the scenario file posted, if you destroy all the enemy forces, the mission ends.


In its current state, if you disable the enemy vehicles (say by destroying their track or wheels) the mission will end. Allow me to demonstrate: 



The reason I brought this up in the first place is this is exactly what happened during my first playthrough, resulting in a score of 0 out of 200. I doubt that was your intention with designing the scenario. 


Take of this information what you will. 

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Just now, El_Chacho said:

Look buddy, I don't know why you are going to such lengths with this scenario. I am going to take it down just to avoid the irritation of you making so much fuss about such a simple scenario.





Real and Simulated Wars


Up to you dude. I'm not attacking your scenario. If you choose to take it that way, then that is on you. I liked the concept, and I wanted to see it made better than the base version. 

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Maybe is the language or the cultural barrier. I am a scientist and I am a big believer in peer review. Although I appreciate your interest, you didn't explain yourself very well for the "end if" condition. I thought you simply overlooked to kill the dismounts, you were actually speaking about vehicles being disabled and the mission ending. You really irritated me  when you posted a modified version of the scenario. I completely misread that and thought you were being condescending. 
I think it is better to avoid crossing paths from now on.



Real and Simulated Wars Blog

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