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Bug report - Challenger 2 loader won't change ammo types on non-default controls


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Hullo, after a bit of digging and help from Mirzayev, I'd like to make a bug report for the Chally 2.


It's not particularly high priority as there is a workaround, and I know the Chally probably isn't the most popular tank, but it was an odd one to discover. I can sort out a video of the bug if this would be helpful.


Version: SB Pro PE v4.250




  • Challenger 2 loader will not accept an order to change ammunition type from the commander's position, either from the drop down menu or from key binds.




  • When ammo controls have been changed from the default.
    • In this case, I'd changed ammo selection from 'Insert' and 'Delete' to '1' and '2'.


Steps to reproduce:


  • Change ammo selection controls to '1' and '2'.




  • Restoring to the default controls for ammo selection resolved the issue.
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Eeer, could it be that 12345690  are used for Manual Range Entry? (See last page of pdf manual or keyboard chart) 

And cannot be allocated to other functions?    In past I have had similar problems...  also challenger doesn't have working interior, so there is need for such input mechanism on keyboard?  Have you tried if this works on numpad instead? 

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This is not a bug, but also not a feature either... Keys from "1" to "0" are hardcoded for manually typing-in range value, even if this particular function may be not necessary available on certain vehicles or individual crew positions,  plus, with  'Shift' key as  modifier same keys are serving to toggle triggers on and off. If you are assigning something else to those keys,  conflict occurs; this would happen with any vehicle in game.

So if idea was to replicate controls setup from some tank MMO game,  then this is not quite possible... If goal was different, then please try to use numpad kets, as @Lumituisku suggested. Also it would be good idea to check Steel Beasts Keyboard Chart, which may be found in C:\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\docs\PDF for print folder.

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Thanks for the quick replies, folks - I didn't realise the top row of numbers were used for manual range calculation and locked in that way.


What was interesting was that, on the M1A2, using 1, 2, etc. to select ammunition worked without issue. This only prevented ammo changeover on the Chally.  


The goal was to use the left hand for ammo selection to leave the right hand free for turning the periscope on the mouse and highlighting targets for the gunner. I can deal with using INS/DEL for ammo selection as a workaround.

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I belief, this hardcoding of manual range entry to 1-0  was key part of steelbeast ever since it began?  It was around in Steelbeast Gold when I began to play, and was used for manual range entry on Leo and M1 if im not mistaken. Both have since got 3D + Functional interior where you have to react to 3D enviroment to manually input range.  Same is true with quite lot vehicles these days. Sadly not for Challenger 2 because if I have understood right..  "Classified" status prevented making 3D interior at the time when it was introduced and perhaps even now? + Huge load of high priority base game code changes are likely delaying chally getting interior anytime soon.


I belief, that if you go to look around you may find some other vehicles with same problem..  perhaps LeoAS1?   


Though now when I think of this...  I am quite ashtonished that so many of vehicles in Steelbeast have working interiors now!  Good job Esimgames!   

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