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M60A3 TTS Ammunitions loadout 79-82?


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I am curious to know what the ammunition loadout for the M60A3 TTS Ammunitions loadout 79-82? I know in SIM its sabot, HEAT and smoke, I think. It seemed the US army was moving away from infantry support with its tanks in the late 70s and only carrying principally sabots , HEAT rounds and smoke. I never see a reference to HEP or HESH in the 105mm rounds for the US.


Can anyone say definitively what those 63 rounds were when they were serving in West Germany in the late 70s early 80s?





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1 minute ago, TSe419E said:

When I went in there were SABOT, HEAT, HEP, APERS, and WP.  We were told that the last three would be soon phased out but I don't know when this happened.  By the time I got to Germany in the fall of '81 we had 3/5s ADFSDS and 2/5s HEAT on our tanks in the motor pool.

What year did you go in sir?

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Just now, TSe419E said:

Summer of '79.  I should note that while the three types were removed from the tanks we were told that they still were in the inventory and could be issued if there the situation were dire enough.  In other words they were still at the ammo depots.

Sweet thank you sir! What were you assigned to in 81'? RISE, A3, TTS?

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