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Instant action M1A2. Decision making for switching target

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I am having some difficulties in the instant action sessions. 

Simply put, it takes at least 3 hits to be sure the target is not a threat anymore, basically when the T72 stops or is in flames. 

This takes some time and will allow some sneaky BMP-2 to have a shot at me with an AT-5...

Looking at the AAR it looks like most of my shots are logged as "heavy damage".


My question then. Do you fire twice at a target, solid hits, and switch or do you stay on the target until it's a piece a burning steel?


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I would personally focus stopping movement, to keep enemy as far as possible.  And when enemy start's firing back...  prioritizing to those who fire back at me until those are not firing anymore.  That's how I usually do it, but I haven't defeated that mission like some have.


For best success you need to combine everything,


Using terrain to stay hull down even when constantly re-locating to stay hidden to other enemies but the one that youre advancing. 

Artillery strikes - namely  Smoke barrages.

Your own smoke launchers,

relocation, and target prioritision to closest target. 


Assasin has succesfully survived that mission with M1A2 until enemy stopped coming, and he had video of it, I just can't find that video.  


I too once got to akward end on the mission where enemy stopped coming... but that was because too many spawned on top of each other and got stuck, creating immense pile of tanks, that just got bigger.  

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